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Why Now is the Best Time to Remodel

When is the Best Time to Remodel your Kitchen & Bathroom?

Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Do you keep putting it off for an ever-elusive “better time”? The housing and remodeling market in Wayne County is primed to make this the absolute best time to remodel!

Wooster, OH medium home value

A Rare Opportunity in a Rebounding Economy

As the economy rebounds from one of the worst downturns in recent history, homeowners are offered a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of a stagnated market. While the housing market strengthens, homeowners are seeing a much higher return on investment for major remodeling projects. Not only are homes selling faster than ever, butsale prices in Wayne county saw a 6.3% increase over the last year. Add to that the fact that the price of building materials -- from lumber and cabinets to countertops and flooring -- is still down, but expected to see a 2-3% growth in the next year. Homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity to draw on record low home-equity interest rates to get the most bang for their buck doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

Before/After Kitchen Remodel

A Chance to Enjoy your Home Renovations

We frequently think of nothing but the return on investment when we consider remodeling our kitchen or bathroom. But let’s not forget the reason updated kitchens and bathrooms are so marketable is because people enjoy the end result. People dream of cooking in a kitchen with quartz counters, a spacious island, and gorgeous, plentiful cabinets. Buyers delight in the thought of enjoying a luxury shower or indulging in a long soak in a garden tub. Why not remodel now so that you can have time to enjoy these renovations? Homeowners are finally realizing they don't need to wait until they're ready to sell their home before doing major home remodeling projects. And in fact, completing kitchen and bathroom remodels a few years prior to listing a home for sale will give potential buyers confidence you took care of your home along the way, whereas more recent upgrades can look as if they were done to promote a quick sale.

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