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Why Choose Custom Cabinets | DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Are Custom Cabinets Really Better than Stock Cabinets?

custom cabinetsAre you planning to update your kitchen or bathroom? If you’re replacing the cabinetry, you may be asking yourself this question: Are custom cabinets actually better than stock cabinets? While going to the closest home improvement store to pick out and buy cabinets might seem like a good idea, it isn’t actually your best option. There are several reasons homeowners prefer custom cabinets. You should be familiar with all of them before making plans with your contractor. Here’s what makes custom cabinetry so superior to stock.

1. Superior Quality

As a homeowner, you know that quality is important. A little extra expense in the beginning can have a huge impact years down the road. This is absolutely the case for custom cabinets. Not only are custom cabinets made with better materials, they are also constructed by people who care about the end product.

2. Increased Durability

Higher quality also means increased durability. Because custom cabinets are made-to-order instead of put together on an assembly line, they are far more durable than stock cabinets. Choosing features that will last a long time is important for any home remodeling project.

3. Better Fit

Whether you’re updating your bathroom or doing a bathroom remodel, fit is important. While stock cabinets are designed and constructed using averages, no two spaces are ever the same. Custom cabinets are built to fit your space exactly, eliminating unsightly cuts or gaps.

4. Easier Customization

Custom cabinets are just that—custom. You can tailor your cabinets to suit your personal needs and preferences, instead of just settling for something that “will work.”

Ready to Discuss Your Custom Cabinets with a Professional Contractor?

It’s easy to see why homeowners prefer custom cabinets over stock cabinets. If you think custom is right for you, start making plans with a reliable professional contractor right away. Contact DreamMaker of Central Ohio to learn more about custom cabinets and to begin the design process. Let us help make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality. For more information about our company and the many home improvement services we offer, visit our website. Call (855) 971-1151 with questions or to schedule a free consultation.

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