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Tips for Home Remodeling Before the Holidays

Tips for Home Remodeling Before the Holidays 

Tips for Remodeling Before the Holidays

Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattés, apple fritters, and mulled cider. Yes, autumn is upon us, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already thinking ahead to planning your holiday feasts. But is your home ready to set the stage for baking pies, roasting turkeys, and decorating cookies to host your friends and family this holiday season? What better way to prepare for the holidays than gifting yourself a remodeled kitchen that will be the perfect staging ground for your festivities or a remodeled bathroom that will wow your guests throughout the entire season. Here are some DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen tips for remodeling ahead of the holidays.

Get Started Early on Home Remodeling Projects!


The beginning of September may seem pretty far away from Thanksgiving or Christmas, but getting an early start allows you plenty of time to ensure your kitchen and bathroom designs are perfect without battling the rush of the approaching holidays. Additionally, as the holidays draw nearer, remodeling companies often see a significant increase in projects, which can often make projects take longer than they would earlier in the year.

Consider Adding Space to your Kitchen

Updated Kitchen with Island

If yours is a kitchen that sees a lot of bake-a-thons during the holiday season, or if you generally do a fair amount of cooking, you may want to consider adding an island that will serve as the perfect workspace for all those cookies, pies, and savory sides. More workspace generally makes those holiday meals that much easier, giving you more room to spread out and set the stage for your fabulous feasts.

Update the Vanity in your Guest Bathroom

Updated Bathroom

Our guest bathrooms don’t tend to get a lot of use throughout the year, so it’s an often overlooked room for remodeling projects, but during the holidays, while your house is buzzing with guests, the guest bathroom is a frequently visited rest stop. Simple, and inexpensive, updates to this room do wonders to dazzle your guests. Updated lighting, vanity and floors gives this room a remarkable new feel.

Update Kitchen Features

DreamMaker Kitchen Cabinets

One great way to give your kitchen a new feel without doing a major overhaul is to replace your cabinets with new, custom made cabinetry or refurbish them to give them a new look and feel. Even adding a burst of color by installing a tile backsplash will go far in giving your kitchen a new feel. And don’t forget, your floors are the foundation upon which all your holiday meals are prepared. Updating your flooring will not only give your kitchen a dazzling new look but it can also make standing for long hours preparing meals less exhausting for your body.

Want more home remodeling ideas to make your holidays merry and bright? Contact us today!

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