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The Best Kitchen Flooring Options for your Kitchen Remodeling Project

kitchen flooring options

The Best Kitchen Flooring Options for your Kitchen Remodeling Project 

So you’ve selected gorgeous custom built cabinets and beautifully veined granite countertops, but how much thought have you given your kitchen flooring for your remodeling project? Often overlooked in the budget for a kitchen remodel, floors are among the most important features of an updated kitchen. After all, they create the foundation upon which the rest of the kitchen stands. Take a look at the most common kitchen flooring types as you consider which option would be best for your remodeling project. All these kitchen flooring options are easily cleaned – a simple vacuum or sweep followed by mopping with a damp cloth, avoiding leaving excess water behind.


Linoleum Advantages:

Because this is among the least expensive options for kitchen flooring, this is often a popular choice when doing a kitchen remodel. And with an array of color options, it’s easy to select a design that complements other elements in your kitchen. Durable and easy to clean, this flooring works well in a kitchen with high-traffic. Made from a combination of natural materials – linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, and resin – it offers a nice cushion for avid cooks who stand for long periods.

Linoleum Drawbacks:

For the same reason it is comfortable underfoot, linoleum’s cushiony characteristic leads to it being easily damaged. High heels, chair legs, and dropped utensils can dent, scratch, or even gouge linoleum. It’s also prone to discoloring, especially when exposed to sunlight. Because it’s applied using adhesive, linoleum is also highly susceptible to moisture. Tiles often lift or become misshapen when frequently exposed to water, as they might be by the kitchen sink or dishwasher. Linoleum also tends to stain, so be sure to wipe up spills with a damp cloth immediately.


Laminate Advantages:

This highly durable, easy-to-clean kitchen flooring is popular among homeowners with kids and pets. It mimics the look of natural materials, like hardwood and stone, but with a significantly lower price tag than the real deal. Add to that how stain and scratch resistant its surface is, not to mention how low-maintenance it is, and it’s easy to understand why this has become a popular choice among homeowners for their kitchen flooring. Laminate is often made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option. Engineered with four highly-durable layers and then installed on top of an underlayment, it muffles sound nicely and can even offer a sound similar to hardwood. All those layers have an added bonus of providing a comfortable cushion for avid home chefs who spend long periods standing over the stove.

Laminate Drawbacks:

While it is easy to clean, homeowners need to be careful about excessive standing water, from mopping or ever overspill from washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher. Water can seep down into the seams between the boards and cause swelling that will distort the kitchen flooring and even affect the durability of the surface. Additionally and possibly most significantly, laminate flooring cannot be sanded or refinished like hardwood, so heavily worn or damaged sections must be replaced.

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Stone Tile

Tile Advantages:

With its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic and be nearly impervious to water, spills, odors and bacteria, tile is a very popular choice among those doing a kitchen remodel, especially those with children and pets. It comes in an endless array of colors, so it is sure to go with any style décor you choose for your kitchen remodeling project. Tile can also be arranged in a vast multitude of patterns, which allows you to make your kitchen floor not only highly functional, but also highly fashionable.

Tile Drawbacks:

Of all the flooring options, this one tends to be the least comfortable to stand on for any length of time, but this is a problem easily remedied by investing in a polyurethane floor mat. While tiles are exceptionally durable kitchen flooring material, they are easily damaged by falling objects. And because your tiles are packaged as a “lot,” replacing damaged tiles with ones that match the rest of your flooring can prove tricky unless you’ve held on to spare tiles from your installation. Stone tiles also need to be resealed once you notice water soaking in, rather than beading on the surface of, your tiles.


Hardwood Advantages:

Often seen as the premier flooring choice, hardwood never goes out of style. It not only contributes to a welcoming atmosphere, but the warmth of hardwood goes beyond its appearance. Hardwood is a great insulator that retains heat, which means your heating bills will be lower and your feet won’t be as cold on those chilly, winter mornings. And as far as value is concerned, homes with hardwood flooring typically fly off the market, with buyers paying top dollar for what they recognize as floors that, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime. With colors ranging from blonde and caramel to deep brown and even black, hardwood flooring can easily complement whatever décor you decide to go with in your kitchen remodeling project. Hardwood is durable, easily cared for, and can be sanded and stained to suit the style of your home as your tastes change.

Hardwood Drawbacks:

While hardwood flooring stands up well to heavy foot traffic, some finishes on hardwood are easily scratched by high heels, pets’ claws, or moving furniture. Additionally, hardwood will deteriorate and warp when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time, which means spills and leaks need to be tackled immediately, or you risk damaging your beautiful floors. Hardwood floors also tend to be a bit noisy, but a good muffling underlayment and area rugs can pretty easily mitigate this issue.

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