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Bathroom Organization Hacks

Three Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom into a gorgeous retreat from the daily grind and creating a luxurious spa-like get-away, we’ve got you covered. But here are some tips and tricks to keeping that freshly remodeled bathroom neat and tidy.

Bathroom Storage Hacks

1. Double Up the Shower Rod for a Quick and Easy Bath and Shower Caddy

Is your shower littered with various shampoo, conditioner, shower gel bottles and children’s bath toys? Try hanging a second tension rod next to the shower wall to hang baskets for containing the clutter. Your kids will love cleaning up after bath time, and you’ll love not tripping over the mess every time you step into the shower. 

2. Use a Magnetic Strip to Stow Easily Lost Odds and Ends

Random odds and ends cluttering up your bathroom drawers? A magnetic strip attached to the inside of your bathroom cabinet can save you time and frustration rifling through those messy drawers. Bobby pins, tweezers, earrings, and other magnetic objects can be easily stowed and found in a convenient hideaway inside your bathroom cabinet.

3. Use a Tension Rod Under the Bathroom Sink to Declutter and Organize

Spray bottles cluttering up the cabinet underneath your bathroom sink? A tension rod is the perfect solution. Simply hang the bottles by the trigger and enjoy the extra space beneath them for organizing your other supplies. You can even thread a roll of paper towels over the tension rod to act as a conveniently stashed paper towel holder.

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