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Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, there's nothing we love more than seeing pictures of your beautifully remodeled spa-like bathrooms. But even we know the grind of daily life quickly allows clutter to acculumate on those gleaming surfaces. Take a look at these great bathroom design and decorating ideas we've come across. 

1. Designing Tips for Small Bathroom Spaces

A small bathroom space affords you a unique opportunity to make a statement and utilize bold colors and textures you couldn't otherwise use in a larger space. This video offers some great suggestions for making your small bathroom the jewel of your home.

2. Adding Flavor to your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

If 39% of people admit to going through people's medicine cabinets, it's pretty likely your medicine cabinet has been the focus of a curious house guest. This video offers some great suggestions for dressing your cabinet up a bit and organizing it so that you won't be embarrased if your guests can't help themselves from peeking.

3. Bathroom Organization Tips & Tricks

Small bathroom spaces and the various odds and ends they hold tend to lead to unsightly messes. This video offers some great, inexpensive ideas for organizing the clutter around your bathroom counter. We just love how they use paper towel holders to organize chunky bracelets.

Need more bathroom design ideas? Contact us today to begin transforming your space into the bathroom of your dreams!

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