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2017 Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Trends

2017 Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Trends

As the Ohio weather warms up, a fresh season of kitchen renovations is underway. Homeowners are turning their eye toward the 2017 kitchen remodeling trends to get inspiration and are finding a much more contemporary look to be quite popular.

Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen continues to be the heart of the home, and homeowners are embracing this by increasing the room’s size and connecting it to other parts of the house. Form and function are being highlighted in kitchen remodeling, providing more workspace while allowing homeowners more sensible storage options that allow them to display what’s pretty and hide what’s not. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Mid-Ohio is commited to helping homeowners with all their kitchen remodeling needs. Here are some of the trends we see for kitchen remodeling in 2017.

Kitchen Cabinets Options

Flat-panel cabinetry is seeing a significant rise in popularity with its sleek and simple, contemporary design. Shaker cabinets still hold strong to their appeal for those interested in a more traditional kitchen, but with clean lines rather than the more ornate styles we’ve seen in years past. The 2017 kitchen remodeling trends show white far outpacing all other color options, but vibrant cabinet choices, ranging from steely greys to vibrant jewel tones, are making a significant splash. As for hardware, it’s minimalist designs or nothing at all.

Counters Tops for A Kitchen

With look, feel, and durability among the top considerations when choosing a countertop surface during a kitchen remodel, most homeowners are opting for granite or engineered quarts, but among millennials, butcher block is seeing a significant in popularity. White is, again, the most trendy option, especially in kitchens with vibrantly-colored cabinets, but nearly a third of homeowners are opting for multicolored countertops.

Kitchen Floors

As with countertops, durability remains at the forefront of homeowners’ minds as they consider their flooring options during a kitchen remodel. Hardwood and ceramic or porcelain tile dominate the kitchen flooring market. Increasingly popular are deep hues in wood tones or even dark grays that offer a harmonizing contrast to the white cabinets, but light wood tones, beiges and greys still account for more than a third of the flooring market.

Kitchen Color PaletteNeutral Color Palette

Neutral tones, including grey, beige, and white, are the clear preference among homeowners embarking on a kitchen remodel, but warmer greens and yellows still see a prominent presence. The trend toward understated walls is allowing homeowners to provide pops of color in the accessories they choose. Copper accents, vibrant jewel tones, and even a splash of pink is in vogue this year.

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