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DreamMaker Remodeling Tips

Countertops: Care & Cleaning

Countertops: Care & Cleaning

Countertops are the foundation of any kitchen. They serve the purpose of form and function as they create the atmosphere for the entire room but also provide the surface upon which you’ll prepare meals for your family. Choosing the right surface for your needs is pivotal, but once you’ve selected the right countertops for you, caring for them is imperative to ensure they maintain the same beauty they had on the day they were installed. Read below for our tips on caring for our favorite countertop surfaces.

Granite: The Countertop Gold Standard

Traditional Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite is still the most popular countertop choice among homeowners looking to add value and a high-end look to their kitchen. If properly cared for, a granite countertop will outlast your home, giving you a lifetime return on the investment you made in it.  Granite counters are impervious to water and heat, allowing them to withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without sustaining damage. Impact from heavy items, like a cast-iron skillet, may chip the stone, but heat from anything short of a blowtorch will not affect the countertops. Wipe up all spills quickly, especially those which may stain or etch the surface, like oils, wines, acids, and soda, using a soft, microfiber cloth and soapy water. Granite also needs to have a penetrating sealer reapplied every 1-2 years as routine maintenance to keep the counters looking as good as the day they were installed.

Quartz: The Reigning Queen of Countertops

Traditional Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz countertops are made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, making them the most durable option for your kitchen remodel. Nearly maintenance-free, quartz countertops are stain, scratch, heat, and impact resistant. But we recommend you always use a trivet or hot plate to protect the surface from intense exposure to heat which may cause the quartz to crack. Because engineered quartz is non-porous, it does not need to be sealed periodically and does not allow bacteria or mold to grow within its surface, making it antimicrobial. Clean with soapy water for daily maintenance. Be sure to avoid abrasive cleaners or sponges though, as these can dull the surface. Instead, use a baking soda mixture to tackle stuck on dirt.

Solid Surface: A Countertop Work Horse

Transitional Kitchen with Solid Surface Countertops

Durable, easy to clean, and non-porous, solid surface countertops have surged in popularity since their invention nearly fifty years ago. Like quartz, solid surface counters will not allow bacteria or mold to sink into the surface, which means there is no need to periodically reseal as is necessary with granite. Unlike granite, however, solid surface countertops can be scorched by hot pans, so you want to be sure to always use hot pads or trivets as a barrier for your counters. The surface can be damaged by sharp objects, so always be sure to use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the surface of your counters. The good news here though is that while you shouldn’t cut directly on your counters, you can ask your installer to cut out a small cutting board from your solid surface countertops. Daily cleansing with soapy water is all that’s needed to maintain solid surface counters, but do be sure to avoid cleaning with acidic cleansers that may eat away at the finish.

Want to learn about more countertop options for your kitchen remodel? Contact us today!



DreamMaker Design Tips: Feng Shui Remodeling

DreamMaker Design Tips -- Feng Shui Remodeling 

Using the best materials and hiring the most reliable contractor are obvious priorities when it comes to remodeling your home. But have you given much thought to balancing the chi in your newly remodeled spaces? Feng Shui – which literally means “wind and water” – is the ancient Chinese art of balancing the flow of spiritual energy in a space. Designers have been using the concepts of Feng Shui for years to create comfortable, soothing environments. Here are some of our Feng Shui remodeling tips!

Entryway -- Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts

Front Door

As the main entrance for not only your guests but also the chi to your home, your front door is pivotal in ensuring good Feng Shui to your home overall. Avoid aligning your front door with any other exterior door in your home to prevent energy from flowing in and then immediately out of your home. Be sure your front door, both inside and out, is as welcoming as possible by installing warm lighting, lush greenery, and a gentle pathway that leads up to the door. Also, be sure to keep the area clear of piled up mail, trash, or items in need of repair.

Kitchen – The First Pillar of a Feng Shui Home

Contemporary Kitchen -- Mid-Ohio DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

As one of the three pillars of a home, the kitchen houses the five elements of Feng Shui – Fire (stove), Water (sink and refrigerator), Wood (cabinetry, tables, chairs, cutting boards), Earth (tiles, granite counters), and Metal (cabinetry hardware, cooking equipment). In considering the layout of your home, and especially your kitchen, imagine how water would flow through the area. An area in which water would flow smoothly and unobstructed promotes a good, balanced chi. When possible, you want to avoid placing your kitchen close to the front door because it allows the nourishing energy created by the interaction of the five elements to “leak” out of your home through the front door. Keep counter clutter to a minimum and add warm lighting – incandescent or halogen – to give the area a more appealing glow. Also be sure you can see the entrance of your kitchen while cooking, whether by placing a cooktop on an island or installing mirrors along the back of your kitchen to reflect the entryway.

Bedroom – The Second Pillar of a Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Bedroom

The bedroom acts as your home’s sanctuary from the hectic day-to-day chaos we encounter in the world. To create a cozy and comforting atmosphere to promote relaxation, use rich earth tones like terra cotta, coral, cream, tan, cocoa. The cooling hues of light blues, greens, and lavenders will give your bedroom a sense of quiet tranquility and promote a healing energy. Bright fiery colors, like red, orange, and yellow, are typically too stimulating for the bedroom, but designers recommend using them as accents to incorporate a bit of romantic energy into the space. Place your bed in a “commanding position” – as far away from the bedroom door as possible but placed so that you can still clearly see the entrance. Positioned diagonally in the corner opposite the bedroom door is typically best because it keeps the bed out of direct alignment with the room’s doorway, which promotes sleep, relaxation, and healing. Incorporate the element of earth by installing a wooden or leather headboard, but avoid a footboard, as it’s often regarded as an energy block.

Bathrooms – The Third Pillar of a Feng Shui Home

Master Bathroom -- Mid-Ohio DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

As the third and final pillar to your home, the bathroom completes the chi triangle between your kitchen and bedroom to promote your health and well-being. When you are installing a new bathroom, be sure to avoid installing it near your kitchen or so that it is facing your front door. As with your foyer, you want to keep your bathrooms as tidy and clutter-free as possible. We offer some great bathroom organization tips! Install soft lighting that will create a warm, soothing environment. Adding a mirror to the outside of the bathroom door will help the space visually disappear and bounce positive energy back into the home, rather than allowing it to “leak” out through the bathroom drains. Keeping the toilet lid down will not only improve the aesthetics of your bathroom space, but will also minimize the amount of energy that escapes through the plumbing. Add earth and fire to this room to promote strength, healing, and energy. You can do this by incorporating rich earth tones or bold fire tones or by adding crystals, candles, or plants to your décor.


Want more home design ideas? Contact us today!


Tips for Home Remodeling Before the Holidays 

Tips for Remodeling Before the Holidays

Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattés, apple fritters, and mulled cider. Yes, autumn is upon us, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already thinking ahead to planning your holiday feasts. But is your home ready to set the stage for baking pies, roasting turkeys, and decorating cookies to host your friends and family this holiday season? What better way to prepare for the holidays than gifting yourself a remodeled kitchen that will be the perfect staging ground for your festivities or a remodeled bathroom that will wow your guests throughout the entire season. Here are some DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen tips for remodeling ahead of the holidays.

Get Started Early on Home Remodeling Projects!


The beginning of September may seem pretty far away from Thanksgiving or Christmas, but getting an early start allows you plenty of time to ensure your kitchen and bathroom designs are perfect without battling the rush of the approaching holidays. Additionally, as the holidays draw nearer, remodeling companies often see a significant increase in projects, which can often make projects take longer than they would earlier in the year.

Consider Adding Space to your Kitchen

Updated Kitchen with Island

If yours is a kitchen that sees a lot of bake-a-thons during the holiday season, or if you generally do a fair amount of cooking, you may want to consider adding an island that will serve as the perfect workspace for all those cookies, pies, and savory sides. More workspace generally makes those holiday meals that much easier, giving you more room to spread out and set the stage for your fabulous feasts.

Update the Vanity in your Guest Bathroom

Updated Bathroom

Our guest bathrooms don’t tend to get a lot of use throughout the year, so it’s an often overlooked room for remodeling projects, but during the holidays, while your house is buzzing with guests, the guest bathroom is a frequently visited rest stop. Simple, and inexpensive, updates to this room do wonders to dazzle your guests. Updated lighting, vanity and floors gives this room a remarkable new feel.

Update Kitchen Features

DreamMaker Kitchen Cabinets

One great way to give your kitchen a new feel without doing a major overhaul is to replace your cabinets with new, custom made cabinetry or refurbish them to give them a new look and feel. Even adding a burst of color by installing a tile backsplash will go far in giving your kitchen a new feel. And don’t forget, your floors are the foundation upon which all your holiday meals are prepared. Updating your flooring will not only give your kitchen a dazzling new look but it can also make standing for long hours preparing meals less exhausting for your body.

Want more home remodeling ideas to make your holidays merry and bright? Contact us today!

Bathroom Design & Decorating Ideas

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, there's nothing we love more than seeing pictures of your beautifully remodeled spa-like bathrooms. But even we know the grind of daily life quickly allows clutter to acculumate on those gleaming surfaces. Take a look at these great bathroom design and decorating ideas we've come across. 

1. Designing Tips for Small Bathroom Spaces

A small bathroom space affords you a unique opportunity to make a statement and utilize bold colors and textures you couldn't otherwise use in a larger space. This video offers some great suggestions for making your small bathroom the jewel of your home.

2. Adding Flavor to your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

If 39% of people admit to going through people's medicine cabinets, it's pretty likely your medicine cabinet has been the focus of a curious house guest. This video offers some great suggestions for dressing your cabinet up a bit and organizing it so that you won't be embarrased if your guests can't help themselves from peeking.

3. Bathroom Organization Tips & Tricks

Small bathroom spaces and the various odds and ends they hold tend to lead to unsightly messes. This video offers some great, inexpensive ideas for organizing the clutter around your bathroom counter. We just love how they use paper towel holders to organize chunky bracelets.

Need more bathroom design ideas? Contact us today to begin transforming your space into the bathroom of your dreams!


Our Remodeling Process

The DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Process 

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or even whole home but aren’t sure how the design process works? We’ve broken down our typical remodeling process so you can see just how seamless completing a remodeling project with us is, and how quickly and easily you can be living in the home of your dreams. 

1. Initial Remodeling Design Consultation

You will meet with one of our remodeling designers who will listen to all of your wants and needs for your new bath and kitchen. The designer will come to your home to take measurements and pictures. They will also look at any structural, plumbing or electrical issues that will affect the selected design and estimate. They can then incorporate your wishes and desires into your new space.

2. Remodeling Design Presentation & Draft Proposal

After our remodeling design team has drawn up a proposal, you and your remodeling designer will meet to go over design ideas and the general estimated cost for your project. Once you’ve accepted our general design and have put a retainer down on the project, we’ll continue work on further designs and details to keep your remodeling project moving forward seamlessly. 

3. Remodeling Design/Build Retainer Agreement

Once we have received your retainer, more remodeling ideas and designs will be explored in order to create detailed specifications and your remodeling contract. 

4. Remodeling Selections

Now the fun really begins! You and your designer begin making selections for your remodeling project. Your designer will guide you along this exciting process of pulling your new room together. Once you and your designer have settled on the materials for your remodeling project, we will draw up your project proposal and contract.

5. Remodeling Contract

After you’ve signed your remodeling contract and we’ve placed orders for your materials, you and your designer will meet for a Pre-Start Conference with your lead carpenter. At this meeting you’ll go over the remodeling schedule and get a good sense for the construction and installation process. 

6. And then the remodeling fun begins!

Your designer and lead carpenter will be the main contacts throughout the entire remodeling process. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate call one or both of them immediately. We will work together to ensure your newly remodeled space is everything you ever dreamed it would be.

Are you ready to begin your own remodeling project? Contact us today to get started!


Modern Bathroom Renovation Tips

Modern Bathroom -- DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

As one of the most used rooms in the house, the bathroom is also a major selling point. Recently named by U.S. News as one of the top ten home renovations with the best return on investment (ROI), the bathroom is one of the best places to spend money when upgrading your home. If you’re wondering which bathroom renovations would be best in your bathroom space, take a look at the following bathroom renovation ideas from you Mid-Ohio Bath & Kitchen Remodelers.

Adding Tile

Tiled Shower

Because ceramic tiles do not produce mold, dust, or pollen, it is an excellent choice for use in the bathroom, especially for people with allergies. Easy to clean and highly durable, ceramic tile walls and floors are becoming quite popular in modern bathrooms.

Updating your Bathtub

Garden Tub

If you’re looking to modernize your bathroom, which is currently the overwhelming bathroom trend, your bathtub is a great place to start. As one of the most used items, it is often the last to be updated. Consider a simple sleek porcelain tub placed in the center or corner of the room to instantly transform your bathroom into the spa of your dreams.

Adding a Second Sink

Double Sink

A tour through most modern homes will reveal that most bathrooms these days feature double sinks. Not only helpful because more than one person can use the vanity at the same time, but a second sink also affords you twice as much storage space as a bathroom with one sink. Additionally, a double sink is more appealing to the eye because it balances the room.

Upgrading Your Lighting

Modern Bathroom with Upgraded Lighting

For whatever reason, bathroom lighting tends to be worse than any other room in the house, a surprising fact given that women spend an average of five hours a week grooming themselves in the bathroom. It’s no wonder men often complain their facial hair is unevenly shaven because of poor lighting in their bathrooms. Adding more lighting fixtures and upgrading existing fixtures will not only provide better light, it will also make the room appear more spacious. 

Upgrading your Mirrors

Double Sink Vanity with Mirrors

It’s no surprise, lighting and mirrors go hand in hand when it comes to making your bathroom space shine, and yet, they’re often overlooked in the bathroom renovation process. One or more good mirrors in your bathroom will have a significant impact on how bright and open your bathroom appears. Square or rectangular mirrors with sleek lines will create a modern look that will also provide the illusion that your bathroom space is bigger than it is.

Updating your Faucets

Updated Bathroom Faucet

Your bathroom faucets are easily the most used feature in your bathroom. Updating their look is one of the easiest ways to modernize your bathroom’s overall appeal. Your new faucets will withstand countless uses in the coming years, so, in order to avoid plumbing problems down the line, be sure to upgrade them to the highest quality your budget will allow.

Hire a Professional for Your Bathroom Renovation

DreamMaker Consultation

Maybe not a renovation idea, per se, but our best advice to ensure your highest ROI is to consult with a professional contractor who will not only be able to offer you the best ideas for your space, but who will also save you money, and a lot of headaches, along the way.

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Need more bathroom renovation ideas? Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today to get started on turning your bathroom into the spa of your dreams.

kitchen flooring options

The Best Kitchen Flooring Options for your Kitchen Remodeling Project 

So you’ve selected gorgeous custom built cabinets and beautifully veined granite countertops, but how much thought have you given your kitchen flooring for your remodeling project? Often overlooked in the budget for a kitchen remodel, floors are among the most important features of an updated kitchen. After all, they create the foundation upon which the rest of the kitchen stands. Take a look at the most common kitchen flooring types as you consider which option would be best for your remodeling project. All these kitchen flooring options are easily cleaned – a simple vacuum or sweep followed by mopping with a damp cloth, avoiding leaving excess water behind.


Linoleum Advantages:

Because this is among the least expensive options for kitchen flooring, this is often a popular choice when doing a kitchen remodel. And with an array of color options, it’s easy to select a design that complements other elements in your kitchen. Durable and easy to clean, this flooring works well in a kitchen with high-traffic. Made from a combination of natural materials – linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, and resin – it offers a nice cushion for avid cooks who stand for long periods.

Linoleum Drawbacks:

For the same reason it is comfortable underfoot, linoleum’s cushiony characteristic leads to it being easily damaged. High heels, chair legs, and dropped utensils can dent, scratch, or even gouge linoleum. It’s also prone to discoloring, especially when exposed to sunlight. Because it’s applied using adhesive, linoleum is also highly susceptible to moisture. Tiles often lift or become misshapen when frequently exposed to water, as they might be by the kitchen sink or dishwasher. Linoleum also tends to stain, so be sure to wipe up spills with a damp cloth immediately.


Laminate Advantages:

This highly durable, easy-to-clean kitchen flooring is popular among homeowners with kids and pets. It mimics the look of natural materials, like hardwood and stone, but with a significantly lower price tag than the real deal. Add to that how stain and scratch resistant its surface is, not to mention how low-maintenance it is, and it’s easy to understand why this has become a popular choice among homeowners for their kitchen flooring. Laminate is often made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option. Engineered with four highly-durable layers and then installed on top of an underlayment, it muffles sound nicely and can even offer a sound similar to hardwood. All those layers have an added bonus of providing a comfortable cushion for avid home chefs who spend long periods standing over the stove.

Laminate Drawbacks:

While it is easy to clean, homeowners need to be careful about excessive standing water, from mopping or ever overspill from washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher. Water can seep down into the seams between the boards and cause swelling that will distort the kitchen flooring and even affect the durability of the surface. Additionally and possibly most significantly, laminate flooring cannot be sanded or refinished like hardwood, so heavily worn or damaged sections must be replaced.

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Stone Tile

Tile Advantages:

With its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic and be nearly impervious to water, spills, odors and bacteria, tile is a very popular choice among those doing a kitchen remodel, especially those with children and pets. It comes in an endless array of colors, so it is sure to go with any style décor you choose for your kitchen remodeling project. Tile can also be arranged in a vast multitude of patterns, which allows you to make your kitchen floor not only highly functional, but also highly fashionable.

Tile Drawbacks:

Of all the flooring options, this one tends to be the least comfortable to stand on for any length of time, but this is a problem easily remedied by investing in a polyurethane floor mat. While tiles are exceptionally durable kitchen flooring material, they are easily damaged by falling objects. And because your tiles are packaged as a “lot,” replacing damaged tiles with ones that match the rest of your flooring can prove tricky unless you’ve held on to spare tiles from your installation. Stone tiles also need to be resealed once you notice water soaking in, rather than beading on the surface of, your tiles.


Hardwood Advantages:

Often seen as the premier flooring choice, hardwood never goes out of style. It not only contributes to a welcoming atmosphere, but the warmth of hardwood goes beyond its appearance. Hardwood is a great insulator that retains heat, which means your heating bills will be lower and your feet won’t be as cold on those chilly, winter mornings. And as far as value is concerned, homes with hardwood flooring typically fly off the market, with buyers paying top dollar for what they recognize as floors that, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime. With colors ranging from blonde and caramel to deep brown and even black, hardwood flooring can easily complement whatever décor you decide to go with in your kitchen remodeling project. Hardwood is durable, easily cared for, and can be sanded and stained to suit the style of your home as your tastes change.

Hardwood Drawbacks:

While hardwood flooring stands up well to heavy foot traffic, some finishes on hardwood are easily scratched by high heels, pets’ claws, or moving furniture. Additionally, hardwood will deteriorate and warp when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time, which means spills and leaks need to be tackled immediately, or you risk damaging your beautiful floors. Hardwood floors also tend to be a bit noisy, but a good muffling underlayment and area rugs can pretty easily mitigate this issue.

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Do you need more kitchen flooring ideas? Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today to talk about which flooring options are best for you!

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen's Favorite Cleaning Tips for your Freshly Remodeled Kitchen

We at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen love to see our happy clients’ pictures of their newly remodeled kitchens. With the granite counters gleaming and the appliances sparkling. But we also know life’s daily grind has a way of making those once spotless surfaces a little grimy. So we’re passing along some of our favorite kitchen cleaning hacks that will make the tedious task of cleaning your freshly remodeled kitchen a little easier. 

1. Quick and Easy Stovetop Cleaning Tricks

These clever tricks do away with the need for harsh cleansers and leave your stovetop sparkly and clean.

2. DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Do you smell something a little funky coming from your garbage disposal? These DIY cleaning cubes will freshen your kitchen disposal up in a jiffy!

3. Granite Countertop Care & Maintenance

 Here are some handy tips on keeping your granite countertops gleaming like new.

4. All-Natural Microwave Cleaner

Want an easy hack for loosening those baked on food splatters and overcoming the dreaded “microwave aroma"? This all-natural cleaning trick will save you time and leave your microwave pristine and odor-free. 

Are you ready to make your dream kitchen a dream come true? Contact us today to get started on your kitchen remodeling project.


‘Everything is Possible’ – Whole House Remodeling by Mid-Ohio’s DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

One Mid-Ohio couple was so pleased with the remodeling experience in their Copley home, they hired Steve Miller and his DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling team to transform a second home. 

A Simple Kitchen Remodeling Project Leads to a Whole House Transformation

Nancy Ryland initially hired Steve Miller and his remodeling team to replace the kitchen cabinets in the home she and her husband, William Pepple, had shared for almost forty years. As the team go to work, however, Nancy was so pleased with their results that the project began to shift. Soon thereafter, Nancy’s vision included opening up the space between the kitchen and dining room, installing hardwood floors in the living room, remodeling a bathroom, and completely overhauling the laundry room in her Copley home.

Throughout her home’s transformation process, Nancy was thrilled by DreamMaker’s ability to handle a wide range of projects. “Steve kept saying, ‘No problem, no problem,’ and he was good to his word,” she said. “He did what he promised and it came out wonderful.”

A Second Whole House Remodeling Project Done Beautifully

Nancy was so pleased with her experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen that she didn’t hesitate to hire them for a second, even bigger project when she inherited her mother’s home in Akron. Steve began by updating the kitchen, and then the remodeling projects quickly spread throughout the rest of the home. DreamMaker completely gutted and reconfigured some rooms, installed new woodwork in others, or simply applied a fresh coat of paint to the rooms that didn't need much work.

Remodeled KitchenDreamMaker Kitchen CabinetsKitchen Drawers

Nancy and her husband felt completely at ease leaving their home in the hands of Steve and his DreamMaker remodeling team. They had every confidence Steve would make good on his promises to complete the work, and to complete it with a high degree of professional craftsmanship. Beyond that, Nancy says she had no trouble trusting Steve and his team to work in her homes, even when Nancy or her husband couldn’t be present.

One of the best aspects of working with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, Nancy asserts, was the ease with which she and her husband could communicate with Steve and his remodeling team, even though she and her husband were frequently traveling for work. Steve made the projects seamless by communicating via text to alert them as issues arose or to answer whatever questions Nancy or William had along the way.

Bathroom Shower

Victorian Tub

One such issue came up when Nancy found a Victorian tub that she wanted to put in one of the bathrooms. Steve and his crew had to reconfigure where the shower would be located, re-tile, and rework the plumbing to make the bathtub fit. 

“There wasn’t enough room, but Steve took a look at a closet in there and said, ‘We can take 11 inches off the closet, and still keep some closet space,’” Nancy says. “It made such a difference in the bathroom, and I still have storage there.”

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Also Offers a Designer’s Touch

Beyond his ability to accomplish just about anything, Nancy says she appreciated the fact that Steve also brought resourcefulness and imagination to every project he handled. He became the wish grantor who turned her dreams into reality. 

“I had a thought that I wanted the basement to look like a lodge. We didn’t draw up any formal plans. I just talked to Steve about what I wanted and he figured it out.”

Steve engineered it so that half-depth logs were mounted on most of the walls, with one wall done in cedar to allow Nancy a flat surface for hanging pictures. DreamMaker also redesigned the bar area to fit with the lodge theme and concealed a sump pump so that it was not noticeable, but was still accessible when needed. And when Nancy mentioned she wanted outlets in the middle of the room, rather than just along the walls, Steve and his team brainstormed an idea to hollow out a log without bark to act as an electrical column that looked like a tree.

Lodge Basement

Nancy was astounded by Steve and his remodeling team’s ability to go above and beyond with any project she threw at them. “He had to step up to a whole different ball game with my mother’s house, and he proved he could perform in any arena. I would ask him to take on another project, and he would say, ‘Sure, everything’s possible.’”

Are you eager to transform your house into the home of your dreams?  Contact us today to get started!

Three Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom into a gorgeous retreat from the daily grind and creating a luxurious spa-like get-away, we’ve got you covered. But here are some tips and tricks to keeping that freshly remodeled bathroom neat and tidy.

Bathroom Storage Hacks

1. Double Up the Shower Rod for a Quick and Easy Bath and Shower Caddy

Is your shower littered with various shampoo, conditioner, shower gel bottles and children’s bath toys? Try hanging a second tension rod next to the shower wall to hang baskets for containing the clutter. Your kids will love cleaning up after bath time, and you’ll love not tripping over the mess every time you step into the shower. 

2. Use a Magnetic Strip to Stow Easily Lost Odds and Ends

Random odds and ends cluttering up your bathroom drawers? A magnetic strip attached to the inside of your bathroom cabinet can save you time and frustration rifling through those messy drawers. Bobby pins, tweezers, earrings, and other magnetic objects can be easily stowed and found in a convenient hideaway inside your bathroom cabinet.

3. Use a Tension Rod Under the Bathroom Sink to Declutter and Organize

Spray bottles cluttering up the cabinet underneath your bathroom sink? A tension rod is the perfect solution. Simply hang the bottles by the trigger and enjoy the extra space beneath them for organizing your other supplies. You can even thread a roll of paper towels over the tension rod to act as a conveniently stashed paper towel holder.

Want more bathroom remodeling ideas? Contact us today to get started on designing your dream bathroom.

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